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Mount Rainier National Park

The Henry M. Jackson Memorial Visitor Center is located at Paradise in Mount Rainier National Park, Washington. Paradise is known for its beautiful meadows, spectacular views of Mount Rainier, and a starting point for numerous hiking trails. The visitor center itself is named in honor of Henry M. Jackson, a U.S. Senator who was instrumental in supporting preservation and environmental legislation.

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Note: Mount Rainier National Park has implemented a pilot timed entry reservation system to improve the visitor experience to the park by reducing wait times, congestion, and resource impacts on trails caused by overcrowding.

A timed entry reservation is required for the Paradise Corridor (including the Jackson Visitor Center) coming from the southwest (near Ashford, WA) or southeast (near Packwood, WA) from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm. See Timed Entry Reservations at nps.gov for more information.

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